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ФОБОС: погода в г.Одесса

...Work, Work to seamen...
Обновлено :

Our company “ Anzhelika” Odessa Ukraine is created in
1992 and directed to the cooperation with shipowners, navigable companies and crewing companies.

The geographical position, material and personnel resources allow to correspond to the different our client's inquiries and requirements. Our purposes - client's interests extreme exact observance on the basis of available opportunities.

Credo - competence, constant self-development, a practicality, enthusiasm. Strategy is developed by the team of professionals in details closed to the specificity of a modern sea business, commercial and technical fleet's explore and crewing. On the basis of the created and constantly extending professional's database - qualified navigators, engineers, rating seamen and probationers we can find the constructive decision in formation of skilled, experienced, responsible and reliable ship crew.

Principles of selection - professionalism, competence, high moral qualities and experience.

We take the responsibility for each expert as before bringing the next candidate to our database and offering him to our partners as a member of crew, we carefully check his working career, his qualification's degree and professional suitability, education, health, we make a psychological portrait and we weigh his preparation's level, moral stability and ability to work in crew harmoniously, in one rhythm. The attraction the psychoanalysis experts for testing, the individual approach and all participants interests account allow to optimize the ship crew formation and accordingly minimize connected to the human factor shipowner's risks.

Priority of the company - interests of the employer however we support our experts at all stages of cooperation with the employer. Respecttully yours
General direktor "Angelikacrewag"
Tatyana Eksarevskaya

Webmaster: TSE
Ваши предложения : angelika92@narod.ru
© МЧП"Анжелика" 1992-2010г. 
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Ваш инвестиционный бизнес на Средиземном море Доходы зависят только от Bас. . Подробности на сайте Реклама на наших сайтах в бегущей строке
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